Box House

Date 2013
Location Tel Aviv
Size House of 220 Sqm. Plot size 500 Sqm.

The central architectural concept was to allow as much as possible daylight and fresh air while allowing privacy from neighboring houses on a cluttered site.

The house was planned for a young couple with a limited budget, so the choice of materials and complexity of construction details was approached very carefully.

The plan of the house fills the permitted footprint of the plot in order to accommodate as much space as possible. So the main challenge was to unite house and garden while keeping from too much exposure to neighbours.

On the ground floor there are 2 wide windows along the ceiling line, one facing North – East and the other facing South – West providing day light most hours of the day as well as a subtle view of the surrounding greenery. Over the stairs to the first floor there is an operable skylight allowing a lot of light and air circulation carrying warm air from downstairs up and out.

The ground floor is the communal level and the 1st floor accommodates bedrooms.

In bathrooms and dressing rooms there are also skylights which allow eliminating some undesirable openings in the walls and natural light throughout the day.