Date 2010
Location Jerusalem
Size 150 Sqm.

The flat is located in the heart of the Jewish quarter in a very unique, one of a kind place. Overlooking the Wailing Wall and the Dome of the Rock, the view is breathtaking, astounding and priceless.

In order to absorb and live in front of such a site, we have chosen to introduce a massive screen made of independently framed fragments of translucent glass in different textures. The aim of the screen is distortion and fragmentation, but also intensification of the view. It allows a gradual unfolding of the view.

Against the blinding heat of the sacred site, the screen creates a sort of Fata Morgana. The screen defines a transient space in between inside and outside. It is the core of the flat. Except it’s symbolic role it provides privacy and separation between the entrance hall and main hosting space. It also provides privacy to master bedroom. In the screen there are several camouflaged doors allowing access to the different rooms. The building materials and furniture are modern, clean-cut: An oasis against the crude desert heat and desert light. The materials used are of natural resources – wood, stone, glass, steel, wool and cotton.