Flexible Space

Date 2008
Location Tel Aviv
Size 135 Sqm.

The main architectural concept was flexibility and adaptability reflecting the versatile character of the residents and the resident’s functional requirements, bearing in mind a beautiful Mediterranean Sea view.
All rooms in the flat have alternative entrances and variable ways of use suiting several types of functions: Hosting events, hosting children and independent dwelling. A long oak partition divides the flat in two, separating but also connecting the sleeping and hosting sections.
It wraps a massive structural concrete load bearing wall; an obstacle turned into an advantage.

Two openings have been cut in the bearing concrete wall, with special permission from the building’s structural engineer. The partition holds camouflaged doors to bedrooms as well as niches and cupboards. The hosting section includes a semi enclosed kitchen with translucent glass doors and a concealed secondary door for catering.
It also includes the lounge and dining area – all overlooking the sea.
The private section of the flat includes a master bedroom, a bathroom and a study all from which the sea can be observed and enjoyed.
The study is also a guest bedroom and has an alternative entrance.

The master bedroom faces west and has a double façade, a ‘flexible space’ captured between the bedroom and the lounge. It is a long space doubling the panoramic view of the sea.
This space can be used as an extension of the lounge when hosting – celebrating a wide panoramic view, or as an extension of the master bedroom or as an isolated bedroom.

A careful selection of modern furniture has been made and unusual pieces have been playfully placed in the space.

photography: Amit Geron