House on a Hillside

Date 2013
Location Carmei Yosef
Size House of 330 Sqm. Plot size 760 sqm.

The central architectural concept was a combination of 2 desires: the desire to merge the house with the hilltop on which it is located without disrupting the landscape and beautiful views. Second desire was to accommodate both living and sleeping on one level with no stairs. The first floor and the basement are guest bedrooms and a study.

The greatest challenge of this house was to find a datum on a site with a 5 meter slope.

The clients who have young children asked to live on one level and also enjoy comfortable access to the garden and beautiful views at the bottom on the site.

In order to achieve these desires, the ground floor roof was planned level with the street meaning that the majority of the house is bellow eye sight. A compact 1st floor, punctured with bricks, minimizes mass and provides subtle contact with the surrounding greenery and light while keeping private. In order not to exceed budget limitation and keep things simple and proportionate to the surrounding, we have chosen a rendering technique mixed with small aggregates. The bricks, which used to be a very popular, economic and intelligent means for light and privacy in the 50s in Israel, were intentionally chosen to achieve the desired result.