Rough & Refined

Apartment for a family of 5.

The space was stripped to its core foundations and carefully redesigned while keeping the aesthetics of the raw building structure. The main inspiration of the project was the client's love for hand made cars. Rough but refined. This fun source of inspiration influenced us in different ways without losing touch with the locality of Tel Aviv. Throughout the apartment there is a set of iron beams and columns that subdivide the space and define zones of use. The beams are both functional and aesthetic.

 They carry lighting, speakers, and cables running from one end to the other. They also function as a dividing partition with storage. The choice of colors and materials is as always in touch with the natural environment, the eucalyptus veneer which was used in the main space is a very common tree in Israel and the particular tone of green is inspired by 'racing green' of British racing cars, loved by the client.

2018 | Tel Aviv | 180 Sqm + Balcony

photography – Amit Geron