Desert House

A 2 story house for a family of 4.

The house was planned for the whole family to be together on the ground floor while the basement is used for maintenance and leisure. Around the house there are two gardens – one, shaded, and enclosed, directly connected to the lounge, protected from the sun and suited for the desert climate of heat and at times a dusty breeze. The internal garden is covered with grass for the family to enjoy at all the times. The outer garden, surrounding the house, is a buffer to the street inspired by a dry river with pebbles, rocks and desert vegetation.

The architectural concept is derived from studies of desert homes, with commonly used local materials, as always, testing scale and material, and designing optimum contact with the green surroundings and daylight.

2020 | Lehavim | 320 Sqm, Plot Size 750 Sqm

3D renders – Studio Aiko