Bare House

Bare house is for a family of 4.

2 large pecan nut trees, and many other fruit trees were the starting point. Along with the trees, ideal daylight and western breeze from the close by Mediterranean. Celebrating form and structure in their most sincere condition, the choice of materials was a very carefully determined, at their bare, basic state; Celebrating also what is to us, a harmonious and subtle joining with the old garden. The same materials are carried through the majority of interior to blur boundaries between inside and out and to experience the space in its most straightforward way.

The height of the house is derived from the dimensions of the blocks and of a subtle search for powerful harmony in scale between people and space, between the street and the house, between the land and the tress.

2016 | Herzlia | 250 Sqm, plot size 600 Sqm

photography – Amit Geron